We are photographers who believe weddings are a magical union between souls.  We are inspired by love, romance, the beauty in details, and the exhilaration and happiness of your wedding day.

Each couple we meet is unique, unlike anyone else. We love to create timeless images that reflect your personalities. Photography with a balance of candid moments with stylized, naturally posed imagery. A lifestyle approach.  

We deem it important to tell your story just the way it happens, capturing a series of true frames, the magical and unexpected moments of your wedding day.

We use an artistic and storytelling approach to create your brilliant collection of images. Artwork filled with meaningful moments of your love story that will be cherished for years to come.

We would love to hear your ideas on what you would like to remember from the sessions as well as on your wedding day.

About Monica Oren

I see the world around me in full vivid colour. 
I speak english with an accent, originally from Mexico, I'm also fluent in
I love my wife. She is an amazing artist, soul and a wonderful being.
With all my heart, I love my family, my friends and of course Nicky the cat.
I enjoy coffee with bakery in the mornings, and wine with grapes at evenings.
I appreciate handcrafted indigenous products. Handmade history that are unique beautiful pieces of art. I believe in equal pay and fair trade. 
I love outdoor adventures and spontaneous on the fly plans.
I like snow days, hiking throughout mountains and the beautiful lakes, I love British Columbia. I feel at home.
I'm drawn to the ocean, walking on the beach and swimming in cenotes. I love The Riviera Maya, I am lucky to called home as well.
I always see and photograph with my heart, I believe it is the only way to connect and capture the true frame of a moment. 

About Sandy Jones

Aside from photography, my passion is my family. My wife is truly the love of 
my life. She inspires me to see life as an adventure, and is my daily reminder that life doesn't always have to be so serious. I like to plan ahead; she goes with the flow. She thinks I'm funny, I consider myself lucky that she does.   
We both feel that our cat is the ruler of the house. I'm pretty sure the cat knows it too.
I like old cars, the more chrome the better. I have a taste for keeping things vintage and original. 
Little known fact: I've been playing the violin since I was 5. I love music and believe that everyone has musical talent.
I'm claustrophobic, the idea of small spaces makes me feel uncomfortable, but I will not hesitate to climb into a small space if it means getting the photograph that I see in my minds eye. For the sake of art, there is always room for sacrifice.
I love fiercely.
I love honestly.
I own it.

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